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Look at the sign at the entrance to Penzance at Chyandour and you'll spot who Penzance’s twin towns are. Maybe you've always been curious about that interesting-sounding place. The chances are, as curious as you might be about twinning, you've never visited the regions twinned with your town. So you've never met the people or experienced the fun. And you don't know anything about Town twinning, as an official relationship-builder, started in Europe after the second world war. The idea was simple to encourage people from these areas to meet, mix and get along. That's why town twinning – at its core – is a good and important thing.

So why do it? Town twinning is a relationship. It's long-term. It starts, it grows and it can flourish. When it's good and healthy, it puts its people first. It introduces them to new experiences and new friends. It helps us all to meet, mix and get along. The relationship is about you and the people in your twin town. It's yours to mould. You just need to find the energy to get involved and make something happen.

You and your twin town share something. A history, some DNA. You're twinned for a reason and that reason will be positive. So you should pay them a visit. They'll love it if you do.
For those readers who do not know where Cuxhaven is situated it is on the north western coast of Germany and the town and district have had partnership ties since 1967. Originally with Penzance and with the former Penwith before renewing it’s partnership with Penzance in 2011.

Cuxhaven has some similarities with Penzance and district with it’s fishing and tourism industry, but does not have the rugged coastline of West Cornwall, being a predominantly flat landscape.

At the head of the port the first thing the visitor will see is Cuxhaven’s landmark, the Kugelbake, a historical beacon which marks the mouth of the River Elbe which flows into the North Sea. A replica of the Kugelbake can be found in Penlee Park close to Penlee House Gallery and Museum.

People may be aware that in May, Penzance and Cuxhaven will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the partnership document between our two communities.

This document was signed on the 2nd May 1967 in Penzance by both the Mayor of Penzance, Alderman Alfred Beckerleg and Herr Heinz Diestel, the Oberburgermeister of Cuxhaven. This document committed the two towns to 'foster and maintain continuously the connection between them, in order to set an example for all who have peace and happiness of the world at heart'.

Many people from Penzance and the Penwith district have participated over the past 50 years. I could list many organisations and people, too many to remember all of them, but I do know that many friendships were formed, some long-standing to this day and I also know that people who have visited Cuxhaven and received their hospitality have returned home with some unforgettable memories.

To celebrate the 50 years anniversary, the Penzance-Cuxhaven Twinning Association are planning to celebrate this special milestone with a celebratory dinner at the Queens Hotel, Promenade, Penzance on Saturday, 29th April (7.30pm for 8pm). Cuxhaven will also be represented as some members of the association will be travelling over for the celebration.If you would like to attend (the dinner will cost £24.95 per head). Please contact me at my address, or by telephone or e-mail.

There will be an opportunity to visit Cuxhaven next year when the Penzance/Cuxhaven Twinning Association are travelling there to celebrate the 45th Week of Partnership and Sport in 2018 - We are inviting organisations or individuals to join us to experience the unique hospitality and facilities offered by our friends there. All accommodation in Cuxhaven will be provided by our hosts, their hospitality is second to none.

The Association would like to invite you to join us, you are also welcome to invite any relatives and friends who would like to come along. Many friendships have been made over the years and still continue today.

Please contact John Richards, Chairman of the Penzance/Cuxhaven Twinning Association for more information at his address, 73 Manor Way, Heamoor, Penzance TR18 3HL or telephone 07791455919 or by e-mail

Members in Cuxhaven with some of their hosts in 2016

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